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Auf die Knie...
und lest, was der Grand Master des Hamburg Hash zu verkünden hat:

GM`s Corner November 2006-11-06
On-On Harriets und Hashers !

Finally!- after quite a long time, there is a new entry here! I will do my very best to keep this page up to date. As everybody has probably noticed it has become rather chilly here in Hamburg again (i.e. F***ing cold!). And since that will turn into freaky f***ing cold very soon, the number of hashers on the runs will most probably will be reduced to very few. Doesn't matter - been there - done that!
That is probably the case in every hash!

Now to run # 311 which "Sperm Donor" and I layed. Unfortunately there were only 4 Hashers. We had fun anyways! I do believe that Needle Dick will get rid of his shorts once the temps are round about - 20° and get back into some long johns.

If I look back on the past 3 months, i can say that we had a many great runs quite a few "old" H7 Hares, visitors and virgins. Two virgins even stayed on. Just Kathrin and Just Sören got hooked and will continue running and patrying with us.

And otherwise? What else is new? Or old? Lets start with the bygones! the birthday of "Golden Shower" on November, 2nd. I forgot - so sorry Golden Shower! Belated happy birthday! The only other birthday person is our Harriet Linda"Rubber Maiden" Mc Clellan whose Birthday it is on the 17th of this month. She still lives in London and is also still active in the hash there.

And now to the new(s)! The "BIG" H7 Missmanagement has been reduced slightly - the most important jobs have survived and remained.
And fortunately these jobs are being carried out by hashers who have put real elbow grease into the hash in the past and hopefully will remain to do so in the future.

Booze is staying on as Hash Cash. I believe he could even handle a World Interhash!
Unkraut rmains the Webmiststress, Numerical Instinkt Trailmistress and also shares the job of Hash Haberdasher with Squashed Flat. I would like to impose on Handy Job as On Sec. that is some sort of right hand to the GM (hahahaha.....and we all know what THAT does...sayze Unkraut!) Lilly von Stupp is still our RA. As long as he is still serving in Africa (until Febuary), we will announce a substitue at each individual run.

All other jobs in the MM have been quashed. Of course - last but not least the Hash Horn remains with Needle Dick. nobody can blow that horn as nicely as he can!

The run reports will be written by the hares after their runs and passed on to Unkraut (please make sure to actually check the speeling etc,and take a bit of care wrinting them! sayze Unkraut). She will post them on the homepage then! In case you have some important information you would like to share with all of us, you might use the guestbook or Yahoo Group. Any dates on which you want to hare a run, please mail to Unkraut asap.
The homepage is quite a lot of work especially keeping it up to date when required and can only be done if the required information is available. Just translating this *§$%& I am writing here now is costing Unkraut time and nervs, yet she keeps battling on!


Beach Bum is currently working on the designs for some hoodies for the cold days to come. A H7 Flyer is also on the agenda. I would like to hold another meeting for each of these tasks and get the people in question together.

AND - there is a new Hash! Some of the Hannover Hash have gone off and founded their very own Hildesheim Hills Hash. The Homepage is online - so check it out:www.hildesheimhash.de. On Sunday the 17th of december they will hst their first X-Mas run - hopefully attended by a few eager Hamburg Hashers.

So, that's all for November! I hope to see you all in great numbers at the up an comming runs!

On Out
Your GM Knickerless!